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* T.P.H. v.6.0 "Ay papito, ay mamita"
* (current) since July 11 2005

* Lyrics by Manu Chao. Textures: Tre, stock: GettyImages. Me gusta la lluvia, me gusta XF! :> Nojo on the rojo!


* T.P.H. v.5.0 "One tequila"
* Feb 24 2005 - July 11 2005
* One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor! This layout's name is a tribute to my favourite drink, Tequila Sunrise, mmrrrlrlll. Although the layout's itself's got nothing in common with tequila. I just didn't know how to call it. ^_^ Featuring textures from Vered.


* T.P.H. v.4.0 "Winter Warmth"
* Dec 18 2004 - Feb 24 2005
* A nice, cuddly, warm, x-mas-slash-winter layout. Took me an hour. Brushes by me, AvH and ABR.


* T.P.H. v.3.0 "Scrapbook"
* Jan 31 2004 - Dec 18 2004
* Oooohh I love this one. :D I've always wanted to make a nice scrapbook-style-y one. 80 layers, can you believe that?! One can tell I love vintage and mess, and may I also assure you I've really had such an XF scrapbook when I was a little X-Phile! ^_^ Only that it didn't also feature Sting, Happy Tree Friends, Riverdance, Time Squad, Monty Python, Ozzy Osbourne, Garfield, Ben Templesmith and myself. Oh, details. Brushes by me, AvH and Love this one. ^_^ Ahh, memories. ;_;


* T.P.H. v.2.0 "God rest ye merry"
* Dec 14 2003 - Jan 31 2004
* A seemingly simple layout as it features only one person pic, the famous and beautiful Gilly-in-da-water. Brushes by me, AvH and V. Very fond of this one. ^_^


* T.P.H. v.1.0 "Rainbow"
* Sep 26 2003 - Dec 14 2003
* The first layout ever. Was called Rainbow aka. VMMC (Very Messy Many Colours, you know, it's like DINKs, Double Impact No Kids). It also featured many D&G and M&S faces and very many lyrics from artists such as Metallica, Phil Collins, Cher, Moby, The Foos... you know, XF-music, non-XF-music, just stuff. It also featured a quote from my mama but that's another story. I've also used many brushes and they were by me, AvH and BDR.